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East Malling Research Centre (EMR) has taken part in a ground-breaking BBC Four documentary examining the life of an oak tree, dubbed as Nature’s greatest survivor with Dr. George McGavin.

As part of the investigation into a 400 year old oak tree in Wytham Woods, Oxford, Dr McGavin visited East Malling Research Centre, who excavated a 15 year old oak sapling to examine its complex roots system with Dr. Louisa Robinson-Boyer and Professor Peter Gregory.

The oak sampling was excavated by a meticulous team of ten people across two weeks by hand and then displayed in one of the outbuildings of EMR for analysis. Professor Gregory describes the roots as a “highly dynamic system that senses and responds to its environment in a very dynamic way.”

Oak Tree: Nature’s Greatest Survivor will be aired on October 7th at 11pm and can be viewed on BBC iPlayer here.
now available here on the BBC iPlayer

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