7 habits of highly efficient office workers

We like the news piece on ExecutivePA.com sharing Samsung’s 7 habits for an efficient workplace. At a time when business is booming, it is easy to forget these simple rules…

1. Stop multitasking
Research has shown the brain can't process two dissimilar streams of information simultaneously and that short-term memory can only hold five to nine items at a time.

2. Manage your time effectively
With better planning, you probably won't feel the need to multitask. Time management techniques, such as the urgent and important time-management matrix, are widely available on the internet – it's simply a matter choosing one and rigidly sticking to it.

3. Be mindful
Activities such as meditation can greatly help to increase productivity. World-renowned neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris is a huge proponent of mindfulness, which involves focusing on the present moment in a non-judgemental way.

4. Improve your communication skills
Communication is the foundation of all relationships, and effectively engaging with people can help boost productivity.

5. Become a team player
Remember the old saying: "There's no 'I' in team"? Well, becoming a good team member is all about being inclusive and respecting others' opinions.

6. Focus on what's important
A good way to spike your productivity is to break down your usual tasks into micro-tasks. Then start eliminating the micro-tasks that don't get you to the end result.

7. Know how to take a break
Learning to switch off is just as important as switching on. In this tech-driven world, work often follows you around like a bad smell. Taking time to focus on unwinding activities such as hobbies or rigorous exercise can help you return to work refreshed and energised.


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